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1.1. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions * * *

- announce

- attend

 - develop

- increase

- decrease

- obtain

- offer

- postpone

- provide (provide A with B)

- recommend (be recommended for )

- reserve

- retain

1.2. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions * *

  • - accept
  • - account (account for A)
  • - address
  • - deliver (delivery-noun)
  • - enroll
  • - exceed
  • - grant
  • - hold
  • - implement
  • - indicate
  • - install (installation, installment- noun)
  • - notify (notify A of B)
  • - replace (replace A with B; replacement- noun)
  • - represent
  • - require (be required to do)
  • - schedule (be scheduled to do)
  • - seek

1.3. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions * 

  • - anticipate
  • - appoint (appoint A to B)
  • - arrange
  • - assure
  • - attribute (attribute A to B)
  • - authorize (authorization, authority- noun)
  • - charge (be charged with)
  • - collaborate ( collaborate with, collaboration- noun)
  • - conserve
  • - contain
  • - contribute (contribute to = make a contribution to)
  • - cover
  • - decline
  • - demonstrate
  • - diagnose
  • - emerge
  • - enhance (enhancement- noun)
  • - ensure
  • - expire (expiration- noun)
  • - feature
  • - forward (forward A to B)
  • - fulfill
  • - guarantee
  • - host
  • - institute
  • - load
  • - peak
  • - pertain (pertain to)
  • - preserve (preservation-noun)
  • - process
  • - prolong
  • - qualify (qualification- noun)
  • - recruit (recruitment- noun)
  • - reject
  • - restore
  • - serve
  • - substitute (substitute A for B


2.1. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions * * *

  • - appointment
  • - discount (discount on)
  • - estimate
  • - expense (living expenses)
  • - growth (grow- verb)
  • - increase
  • - opportunity (give an opportunity to do)

2.2. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions * *

  • - charge
  • - compliance (in compliance with)
  • - facility
  • - fee
  • - form
  • - issue
  • - output
  • - policy
  • - precaution (take safety precautions)
  • - preference
  • - presentation (make/ give a presentation)
  • - priority
  • - procedure
  • - receipt
  • - reference
  • - refund
  • - result
  • - right (reserve the right to do)
  • - standard

2.3. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions *

  • - access (have access to)
  • - accordance (in accordance with)
  • - advance
  • - advantage (take advantage of)
  • - agreement
  • - application (applicant)
  • - budget
  • - ceremony (award ceremony)
  • - challenge
  • - commitment (make a commitment to)
  • - competition
  • - conjunction (in conjunction with)
  • - cost (operating cost)
  • - delegation
  • - deposit
  • - disruption
  • - distribution (distributor)
  • - effort (in an effort to do)
  • - evaluation (evaluation form; evaluate- verb)
  • - expansion
  • - expertise
  • - extension
  • - instruction
  • - interruption
  • - itinerary
  • - loyalty (customer loyalty)
  • - maintenance
  • - merchandise
  • - negotiation
  • - obligation (have an obligation to do)
  • - point (to the point)
  • - preparation (in preparation for)
  • - promotion
  • - registration
  • - request
  • - requirement (meet/satisfy a requirement)
  • - schedule (on schedule)
  • - session (training session)
  • - sequence
  • - subscription (subscription to; subscriber)
  • - supervision (under the supervision of; supervise- verb)
  • - transition (transition from A to B)
  • - warranty
  • - wear


3.1. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions * * *

  • - additional
  • - affordable
  • - beneficial (benefit- noun)
  • - complete
  • - confidential (confident- adjective)
  • - current
  • - detailed (detail- noun; detail- verb)
  • - limited
  • - responsible (be responsible for)
  • - substantial

3.2. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions * *

  • - apparent
  • - available (unavailable)
  • - comprehensive
  • - eager (be eager to do)
  • - eligible (be eligible to do)
  • - increasing
  • - outstanding
  • - pleasant (pleased)
  • - productive (production; productivity – noun; produce- verb)
  • - qualified (be qualified for)
  • - related (be related to)
  • - routine
  • - surplus
  • - unfavorable
  • - useful (be useful for)


3.3. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions * 

  • - accessible
  • - administrative
  • - ambitious
  • - appropriate
  • - complimentary
  • - considerable
  • - continuous
  • - deliberate
  • - delicate
  • - desirable
  • - disappointed (be disappointed with)
  • - dissatisfied (be dissatisfied with)
  • - due
  • - equal (be equal to)
  • - essential (be essential to)
  • - exceptional
  • - following
  • - idle
  • - improper
  • - incidental
  • - indicative
  • - initial
  • - interactive
  • - interested (be interested in)
  • - leading
  • - minor
  • - native (be native to)
  • - notable
  • - numerous
  • - ongoing
  • - optimistic
  • - orderly
  • - outgoing
  • - potential
  • - protective
  • - relevant
  • - reliable (reliability- noun)
  • - repetitive
  • - secure
  • - sensitive
  • - sincere
  • - skilled
  • - spacious
  • - strategic
  • - stringent
  • - subject (be subject to)
  • - subsequent
  • - superior
  • - be superior to
  • - uncertain
  • - unexpected
  • - unstable
  • - upcoming
  • - versatile
  • - vital
  • - vu
  • -
  • - vulnerable
  • -    vulnerable


4.1. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions * * *

  • - approximately
  • - currently
  • - finally
  • - once
  • - promptly
  • - recently
  • - regularly
  • - still
  • - well

4.2. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions * *

  • - also
  • - always
  • - consistently
  • - conveniently (convenient- adjective)
  • - easily
  • - especially
  • - exclusively (exclusive- adjective)
  • - frequently (frequent- adjective)
  • - highly
  • - immediately
  • - nearly (= almost)
  • - necessarily
  • - personally (= in person)
  • - properly
  • - rapidly
  • - separately
  • - shortly
  • - temporarily (temporary- adjective)
  • - unexpectedly
  • - yet

4.3. Frequency of occurrence in TOEIC questions *

  • - absolutely
  • - accordingly
  • - adversely
  • - already
  • - briefly
  • - carefully
  • - cautiously
  • - clearly
  • - closely (close- adjective)
  • - completely
  • - definitely (definite; definitive- adjective)
  • - dramatically
  • - effectively (effectiveness – adjective)
  • - efficiently (efficient - adjective)
  • - generously
  • - indirectly
  • - individually
  • - mutually
  • - occasionally
  • - originally
  • - particularly
  • - perfectly
  • - previously (previous – adjective)
  • - primarily
  • - probably
  • - provisionally
  • - quickly
  • - reasonably (reasonable – adjective)
  • - relatively
  • - sparingly
  • - specially
  • - suddenly
  • - surely
  • - then
  • - thoroughly
  • - unbearably (bear)
  • - usually


1. Contracts

Abide by (v)                to comply with, to conform

Agreement (n)             a mutual arrangement, a contract

Agree (v)                     agreeable (adj)

Assurance (n)              guarantee, confidence

Cancel (v)                    to annul, to call off

Determine (v)              to find out, to influence

Engage            (v)                   to hire, to involve

Establish (v)                to institute permanently, to bring about

Obligate (v)                 to bind legally or morally

Obligation (n)              obligatory (adj)

Party (n)                      a person or group participating in an action or plan, the persons or sides concerned in a legal matter

Provision (n)                a measure taken beforehand, a stipulation

Provider (n)                

Resolve (v)                  to deal with successfully, to declare

Specify (v)                   to mention explicitly

Specification (n)          specific (adj)

2. Marketing

Attract (v)                    to draw by appeal

Attraction (n)               attractive (adj)

Compare (v)                to examine similarities and differences

Comparison (n)           comparable (adj)

Compete (v)                to strive against a rival

Consume (v)                to absorb, to use up

Consumer (n)              consumable (adj)

Convince (v)              to bring to believe by argument, to persuade

Current (adj)               

Currently (adv)            happening or existing at the present time, now

Fad (n)                         a practice followed enthusiastically for a short time, a craze

Inspire (v)                    to spur on, to stimulate imagination or emotion

Market (v)                   the course of buying and selling a product

 (n)                   the demand for a product

Marketing (n)              marketable  (adj)

Persuade (v)                to move by argument or logic

Productive (adj)           constructive, high yield

Satisfy (v)                    to make happy

3. Warranties

Characteristic (adj)      revealing of individual traits

Consequence (n)         that which follows necessarily

Consider (v)                to think about carefully

Consideration (n)         considerable (adj)

Cover (v)                     to provide protection against

Expire  (v)                    to come to an end

Frequently (adv)          occurring commonly, widespread

Imply (v)                     to indicate by inference

Promise (v, n)              to pledge to do, bring about, or provide

Protect (v)                    to guard

Protection (n)               protective (adj)

Reputation (n)             the overall quality of character

Reputable (adj)            Reputed (adj)

Require (v)                  to deem necessary or essential

Requirement (n)          requisite (adj)

Vary (v)                       to be different from another, to change

 4. Business planning

Address (v)                  to direct to the attention of

Avoid  (v)                    to stay clear of, to keep from happening

Demonstrate (v)           to show clearly and deliberately, to present by example

Demonstration (n)       demonstrative (adj)

Develop (v)                 to expand, progress, or improve

Development (n)         developer (n)

Evaluate (v)                 to determine the value or impact of

Evaluation (n)              evaluator (n)

Gather             (v)                    to accumulate, to conclude

Offer (v)                      to propose, to present in order to meet a need or satisfy a requirement

Primary (adj)               most important, first in a list, series, or sequence

Risk (n)                       the chance of loss or damage

Strategy (n)                  a plan of action

Strategize (v)               strategic (adj)

Strong  (adj)                 powerful, economically or financially sound

Substitute (v)               to take the place of another

 5. Conferences

Accommodate (v)        to fit, to provide with something needed

Accommodation (n)    accommodating (adj)

Arrangement (n)          the plan or organization

Association (n)            an organization of persons or groups having a common interest

Attend (v)                    to go to, to pay attention to

Attendee (n)                attendance (n)

Get in touch (v)           to make contact with

Hold (v)                       to accommodate; to conduct

Location (n)                 a position or site

Overcrowded (adj)      too crowded

Register (v)                  to record

Register (n)                  registration (n)

Select (v)                     to choose from a group

Selection (n)                selective (adj)

Session (n)                   a meeting

Take part in (v)            to join or participate

 6. Computers

Access (v)                   to obtain, to gain entry

Access (n)                   accessible (adj)

Allocate (v)                 to designate for a specific purpose

Compatible (adj)         able to function together

Delete (v)                    to remove; to erase

Display (n)                  what is visible on a monitor; 

              (v)                  to show

Duplicate (v)               to produce something equal; to  make identical

Duplicate (n)               duplication (n)

Fail (v)                         not to succeed; not to work correctly

Failure (n)                    fallible (adj)

Figure out (v)              to understand , to solve

Ignore (v)                    not to notice; to disregard

Search (v)                    to look for; 

            (n)                    investigation

Shot down (v)                         to turn off; to cease operation

Warn (v)                      to alert; to tell about a danger or problem

Warning (n)                 warning (adj)

 7. Office Technology

Affordable (adj)          able to be paid for; not too expensive

As needed (adv)          as necessary

Be in charge of (v)      to be in control or command of

Capacity (n)                 the ability to contain or hold; the maximum that something can hold

Durable (a)                  sturdy, strong, lasting

Initiative (n)                 the first step; an active role

Initiate (v)                    initiation (n)

Physical (adj)              perceived by the senses

Provider (n)                 a supplier

Provide (v)                  provision (n)

Recur (v)                     to occur again or repeatedly

Recurrence (n)             recurring (adj)

Reduction (n)              a lessening, a decrease

Reduce (v)                   reducible (adj)

Stay on top of (v)        to know what is going on; to know the latest information

Stock (n)                      a supply;

          (v)                      to keep on hand

 8. Office Procedures

Appreciate (v)             to recognize, understand the importance of; to be thankful for

Appreciation (n)          appreciated (adj)

Be exposed to (v)        to become aware of; to gain experience in

Bring in (v)                  to hire or recruit; to cause to appear

Casual (adj)                 informal

Code (n)                      rules of behavior

Glimpse (n)                 a quick look

Made of (v)                 to consist of

Out of (adj)                 no longer having, missing

Outdated (adj)             obsolete; not currently in use

Practice (n)                  method of doing something

Practice (v)                  practical (adj)

Reinforce (v)               to strengthen, support

Reinforcement (n)       reinforcing (gerund)

Verbal (adj)                 oral

Verbalize (v)               verbally (adv)

9. Electronics

Disk (n)                       an object used to store digital information

Facilitate (v)                to make easier

Network (n)                 an interconnected group or system

Popularity (n)              the state of being widely admired, sought

Popularize (v)              popular (adj)

Process (n)                   a series of operations or actions to bring about a result

Replace (v)                  to put back in a former place or position

Replacement (n)          replaceable (adj)

Revolution (n)             a sudden or momentous change in a situation

Revolutionized (v)       revolutionary (adj)

Sharp (adj)                  abrupt or acute; smart

Skills (n)                      developed ability

Software (n)                the programs for a computer

Storage (n)                   the safekeeping of goods or information

Store (v, n)

Technical (adj)            special skill or knowledge

 10. Correspondence

Assemble (v)               to put together; to bring together

Beforehand (adv)        early, in advance

Complicated (adj)        not easy to understand

Complication (n)         complicated (adj)

Courier (n, adj)            a messenger

Express (adj)               fast and direct

Fold (v)                       to bend paper

Layout (n)                    a format; the organization of material on a page

Mention (v)                 to refer to; 

               (n)                 something read or written

Mention (n)                 mentionable (adj)

Petition (n)                   a formal, written request;

   (v)                 to make a formal request

Proof (v)                      to look for errors

Proofreader (n)            proofing (gerund)

Registered (a)              recorded and tracked

Registration (n)            registered (adj)

Revise (v)                    to rewrite

 11. Job Advertising and Recruiting

Abundant (a)               plentiful, in large quantities;

                 (n)               a large number

Accomplishment (n)    an achievement, a success

Accomplish (v)            accomplished (adj)

Bring together (v)        to join, to gather

Candidate (n)               one being considered for a position, office

Come up with (v)        to plan, to invent, to think of

Commensurate (a)       in proportion to, corresponding, equal to

Match (n)                     a fit, a similarity

Profile (n)                    a group of characteristics or traits

Qualifications (n)         requirements, qualities, or abilities needed for something

Qualify (v)                   qualified (adj)

Recruit (v)                   to attract people to join an organization of a cause

Recruitment (n)           recruiter (n)

Submit (v)                   to present for consideration

Submission (n)            submittal (n)

Time-consuming (a)    taking up a lot of time

 12. Applying and Interviewing

Ability (n)                    a skill, a competence

Apply (v)                     to look for

Applicant (n)                application (n)

Background (n)           a person’s experience

Be ready for (v)           to be prepared

Call in (v)                    to request

Confidence (n)            a belief in one’s ability

Confident (adj)            Confidently (adv)

Constantly (adj)           on a continual basis, happening all the time

Expert (n)                   a specialist

Expertise (n)                expert (adj)

Follow up (v)              to take additional steps, to continue

Hesitate (v)                  to pause, to be reluctant

Present (v)                   to introduce, to show, to offer for consideration

Presentation (n)           presentable (adj)

Weakness (n)               a fault, a quality lacking strength

 13. Hiring and Training

Conduct (v)                 to hold, to take place, to behave

Generate (v)                to create, to produce

Hire (v)                        to employ, to offer a job or position

Hire (n)                        hiring gerund

Keep up with (v)         to stay equal with

Look up to (v)             to admire, to think highly of

Mentor (n)                   a person who guides

On track (adj)              on schedule

Reject (v)                    to turn down, to say no

Rejection (n)               rejecting (gerund)

Set up (v)                     to establish, to arrange;

            (adj)                 arranged

Success (n)                  reaching a goal

Succeed (v)                 successful (adj)

Training (n)                 the preparation or education for a specific job

Trainer (n)                   trainee (n)

Update (v)                   to make current.

(n)                    the latest information

 14. Salaries and benefits

Basis (n)                      the main reason for something, a base or foundation

Be aware of (v)           to be conscious of, to be knowledgeable about

Benefits (n)                  the advantages provided to a employee in addition to salary

Benefit  (v)                  beneficial (adj)

Compensate (v)           to pay, to make up for.

Compensation (n)        compensatory (adj)

Delicate (adj)               Sensitive,

              (adv)              With sensitivity

Eligible (adj)               Able to participate in something, qualified

Flexible (adj)               Not rigid, able to change easily

Negotiate (v)               to talk for the purpose of reaching an agreement, especially on prices or contracts

Negotiation (n)            negotiator (n)

Raise (n)                      an increase in salary

Retire (v)                     to stop working, to withdraw from a business or profession

Retirement (n)             retired (adj)

Vested (adj)                 Absolute, authorized

Wage (n)                     the money paid for work done, usually hourly

 15. Promotions, Pensions and Awards

Achieve (v)                 to succeed, to reach a goal

Achievement (n)          achiever (n)

Contribute (v)              to add to, to donate, to give

Contribution (n)           contributor (n)

Dedication (n)             a commitment to something

Dedicate (v)                 dedicated (adj)

Look forward to (v)     to anticipate, to be eager for something to happen

Looked to (v)               to depend on , to rely on

Loyal  (adj)                  faithful, believing in something or somebody

Merit  (n)                     experience, high quality

Obvious (adj)              easy to see or understand

Productive (adj)           useful, getting a lot done

Promote (v)                 to give someone a better job; to support, to make known

Promotion (n)              promoter (n)

Recognition (n)           credit, praise for doing something well

Value (n)                     worth

 16. Shopping

Bargain (n)                  something offered or acquired at a price advantageous to the buyer

Bear (v)                       to have a tolerance for, to endure

Behavior (n)                the manner of one’s action

Checkout (n)               the act, time, or place of checking out, as at a hotel or a supermarket

Comfort  (n)                a condition or feeling of pleasurable ease, well-being, and contentment

Comfortable (adj)        Comfortably (adv)

Expand (v)                  to increase the size, volume, quantity, or scope of; to enlarge

Expansion (n)              expanded (adj)

Explore (v)                  to investigate systematically

Exploration (n)            exploratory (adj)

Item (n)                        a single article or unit

Mandatory (adj)          required or commanded, obligatory

Merchandise (n)          items available in stores

Strict (adj)                   precise, exact

Strictness (n)                strictly (adv)

Trend (n)                     the current style

 17. Ordering Supplies

Diverse (a)                   different; made up of distinct qualities

Diversify (v)                diversity (n)

Enterprise (n)               a business; a large project

Essential  (adj)             indispensable, necessary

Everyday (adj)            common, ordinary

Function (v)                 to perform tasks

Function (n)                 functional (adj)

Maintain (v)                 to continue, to support, to sustain

Maintainability (n)       maintainable (adj)

Obtain (v)                    to acquire

Prerequisite (n)            something that is required or necessary as a prior condition

Quality (n)                   a distinguishing characteristic

Smooth (adj)               without difficulties; deliberately polite and agreeable in order to win favor

Smooth out (v)            Smoothly (adv)

Source (n)                    the origin

Stationery (n)               writing paper and envelopes

 18. Shipping

Accurate (adj)                         exact; errorless

Accuracy (n)               accurately (adv)

Carrier (n)                    a person or business that transports passengers or goods

Catalog (adj)               a list or itemized display; v, to make an itemized list of

Fulfill (v)                     to finish completely

Fulfilling (gerund)       fulfillment (n)

Integral (adj)                necessary for completion

Inventory (n)               goods in stock; an itemized record of these goods

Minimize (v)                to reduce, to give less importance to

Minimal (adj)              Minimum (n)

On hand (adj)              available

Remember (v)             to think of again

Ship (v)                       to transport; to send

Shipper (n)                  shipment (n)

Sufficient (adj)            as much as is needed

Supply (v)                   to make available for use

 19. Invoices

Charge (n)                   an expense or a cost; v, to demand payment

Compile (v)                 to gather together from several sources

Customer (n)               one who purchases a commodity or service

Discount (n)                a reduction in price; to reduce in price

Efficient (adj)              acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste

Estimate (v)                 to approximate the amount or value of something; to form an opinion about something

Estimation (n)              estimating (gerund)

Impose (v)                   to establish or apply as compulsory; to force upon others

Imposition (n)              imposing (adj)

Mistake (n)                  an error or a fault

Mistaken (v, adj)

Order (n)                     a request made to purchase something;

           (v)                     to command or direct

Prompt (adj)                being on time or punctual, carried out without delay,

             (n)                   a reminder or a  cue

Promptness (n)            prompt (v)

Rectify (v)                   to set right or correct

Terms  (n)                    conditions

 20. Inventory

Adjust (v)                    to change in order to match or fit, to cause to correspond

Adjustment (n)            adjustable (adj)

Automatic (adj)           Operating independently

Automation (n)            automatically (adv)

Crucial (adj)                Extremely significant or important

Discrepancy (n)           a divergence or disagreement

Disturb (v)                   to interfere with, to interrupt

Disturbance (n)            disturbingly (adv)

Liability (n)                  an obligation a responsibility

Reflect (v)                   to given back a likeness

Reflection (n)              reflector (n)

Run (v)                        to operate

Scan (v)                       to look over quickly

Subtract (v)                  to take away, to deduct

Tedious (adj)               Tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness, boring

Verify (v)                    to prove the truth of

 21. Banking

Accept (v)                    to receive, to respond favorably

Acceptance (n)            acceptable (adj)

Balance (n)                  the remainder,

              (v)                  to compute the difference between credits and debits of an account.

Borrow (v)                  to use temporarily

Cautious (adj)              Careful, wary

Deduct (v)                   to take away from a total, to subtract

Deductible (n)             deduction (n)

Dividend (n)                a share in a distribution

Down payment (n)      an initial partial payment

Mortgage (n)               the amount due on a property,

                (v)                to borrow money with your house as collateral.

Restriction (n) a limitation

Restrict (v)                   restricted (adj)

Signature (n)                the name of a person written by the person

Sign (n, v)

Take out (v)                 withdraw, remove

Transaction (n)            a business deal

 22. Accounting

Accounting (n)            the recording and gathering of financial information for a company

Accountant (n)            account (n)

Accumulate (v)            to gather, to collect

Accumulation (n)        accumulated (adj)

Asset (n)                      something of value

Audit (n)                      a formal examination of financial records, (v) to examine the financial

Budget (n)                   a list of probable expenses and income for a given period

Budget (v)                   budgetary (adj)

Build up (n)                 to increase over time

Client (n)                     a customer

Debt (n)                       something owed, as in money or goods

Outstanding (adj)        Still due, not paid or settled

Profitable (adj)            advantageous, beneficial

Profit (v, n)

Reconcile (v)               to make consistent

Turnover (n)                the number of times a product is sold and replaced or an employee leaves and another employee is hired

 23. Investments

Aggressive (adj)          Competitive, assertive

Attitude (n)                  a feeling about something or someone

Commitment (n)          a promise

Commit (v)                  noncommittal (adj)

Conservative (adj)       Cautious, restrained

Fund (n)                      an amount of money for something specific, v to provide money for

Invest (v)                     to put money into a business or activity with the hope of making more money, to put effort into something

Investment (n)             investor (n)

Long-term (adj)           involving or extending over a long period

Portfolio (n)                 a list of investments

Pull out (v)                  to withdraw, to stop participating,

  (n)                  a withdrawal, removal

Resource (n)                assets, valuable things

Return (n)                    the amount of money gained as profit

Returns (n)                  returnable (adj)

Wise (adj)                    Knowledgeable, able to offer advice based on experience

Wisdom (n)                 wisely ad(v)

    24. Taxes

Calculate (v)                to figure out, to compute

Calculation (n)             calculator  (n)

Deadline  (n)               a time by which something must be finished

File (v)                         to enter into public record, (n) a group of documents or information about a person or an event

Fill out (v)                   to complete

Give up (v)                  to quit, to stop

Joint  (adj)                   Together, shared

Owe (v)                       to have a debt, to be obligated to pay

Owner (n)                    owing (gerund)

Penalty (n)                   a punishment, a consequence

Penalize (v)                 penal (adj)

Prepare (v)                   to make ready

Preparation (n)             preparatory (adj)

Refund (n)                   the amount paid back,

             (v)                   to give back

Spouse (n)                   a husband or wife

Withhold (v)                to keep from, to refrain from

    25. Financial Statements

Desired (adj)               Wished or longed for

Desire (n, v)

Detail (v)                     to report or relate minutely or in particulars

Forecast (n)                 a prediction of a future event

              (v)                  to estimate or calculate in advance

Level  (n)                     a relative position or rank on a scale

Overall (adj)                Regarded as a whole, general

Perspective (n)             a mental view or outlook

Projected (adj)             Estimated, or predicted based or present data

Project (n, v)

Realistic (adj)              Tending to or expressing an awareness of things as they really are

Reality (n)                   realistic (adj)

Target  (v)                   to establish as a goal,

            (n)                    a goal

Translation (n)             the act or process of translating

Translate (v)                translatable (adj)

Typical (adj)                Conforming to a type

Yield  (n)                     an amount produced,

           (v)                     to produce a profit

      26. Property and department

Adjacent (adj)                         next to

Collaboration   (n)        the act of working with someone

Collaborate (v)            collaboration (n)

Concentrate  (v)           to focus, to think about

Conducive (adj)          Contributing to, leading to

Disrupt  (v)                  to interrupt, to disturb

Disruption (n)              disruptive (adj)

Hamper  (v)                 to impede or interfere

Inconsiderate  (adj)      Rude, impolite.

Lobby  (n)                   an anteroom, foyer, or waiting room

Move up  (v)               to advance, improve position

Open to (adj)               Receptive to, vulnerable

Opt  (v)                        to choose, to decide on

Option (n)                    optimal (adj)

Scrutinize  (v)              to look at carefully and closely

Scrutiny (n)                 inscrutable (adj)

      27. Board Meetings and committees

Adhere to (v)               to follow, to pay attention to

Agenda (n)                  a list of topics to be discussed

Bring up  (v)                to introduce a topic

Conclude (v)               to stop, to come to a decision

Conclusion (n)             conclusive (adj)

Go ahead (v)               to proceed with,

                (n)                permission to do something

Goal  (n)                      objective, purpose

Lengthy  (adj)              Long in time, duration, or distance

Matter  (n)                   an item, issue, topic of interest

Periodically (adv)        From time to time

Period (n)                    periondic (adj)

Priority  (n)                  something of importance, something that should be done before other things

Prioritize (v)                prior (adj)

Progress  (n)                a movement forward,

               (v)                 to move forward on something, especially work or a project

Progression (n)            progressive (adj)

Waste (v)                     not to use wisely,

(n)                    not worthwhile

 28. Quality control

Brand (n)                     an identifying mark or label, a trademark

Conform (v)                to match specifications or qualities

Defect (n)                    an imperfection or flaw

Defect  (n)                   defective (adj)

Enhance (v)                 to make more attractive or valuable

Garment  (n)                an article of clothing

Inspect  (v)                  to look at closely, to examine carefully or officially

Inspection (n)              inspector (n)

Perceive (v)                 to notice, to become aware of, to see

Perception (n)              perceptive (adj)

Repel  (v)                    to keep away, to fight against

Repellent (n, adj)

Take back (v)              to return something, to withdraw or retract

Throw out (v)              to dispose of

Uniform (adj)              Consistent in form or appearance

Wrinkle (n)                  a crease, ridge, or furrow, especially in skin or fabric

  29. Product Development

Anxious (adj)              Worried

Anxiety (n)                  anxiously (adv)

Ascertain (v)                to discover, to find out for certain

Assume  (v)                 to take upon oneself, to believe to be true

Assumed (adj)             Assumption (n)

Decade (n)                   a period of ten years

Examine (v)                 to interrogate, to scrutinize

Experiment (v)            to try out a new procedure or idea,

                    (n)            a test or trial

Experimentation (n)     experimental (adj)

Logical (adj)                formally valid, using orderly reasoning

Research (n)                the act of collecting in formation about a particular subject

Responsibility  (n)        task

Responsible (adj)        Responsibly (adv)

Solve (v)                      to find a solution, explanation, or answer

Supervisor (n)              an administrator in charge

Systematic (adj)           Methodical in procedure, organized

  30. Renting and Leasing

Apprehensive (adj)     Anxious about the future

Apprehend (v)             apprehension (n)

Circumstance (n)         a condition, a situation

Condition (n)               the state of something, a requirement

Conditional (adj)         Condition (v)

Due to (prep)               Because of

Fluctuate (v)                to go up and down, to change

Fluctuation (n)             fluctuating (gerund)

Get out of  (v)              to escape, to exit

Indicator (n)                 a sign, a signal

Indicate (v)                  indication (n)

Lease (n)                      a contract to pay to use property for an amount of time,

          (v)                      to make a contract to use property

Lock into (v)                to commit, to be unable to change

Occupancy (n)             the state of being or living in a certain place

Option (n)                    a choice, an alternative

Subject to (adj)            Under legal power, dependent

  31. Selecting a Restaurant

Appeal (adj)                to be attractive or interesting

Arrive (v)                    to reach a destination

Compromise (n)          a settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions

Daring (adj)                 to have the courage required

Familiar (adj)               often encountered or seen; common

Guide (n)                     one who leads, directs, or gives advice

Guidance (n)               guidable (adj)

Majority (n)                 the greater number or part

Mix (v)                        to combine or blend into one mass;

        (n)                        a combination

Mixture (n)                  mixable (adj)

Rely (v)                       to have confidence in; to depend on

Reliability (n)              reliable (adj)

Secure (v)                    to get possession of; to obtain

Subjective (adj)           particular to a given person; highly personal; not objective

Suggest (v)                  to offer for consideration or action

Suggestion (n)             suggestible (adj)

 32. Eating out

Basic (adj)                   serving as a starting point or basis

Complete (adj)            having all necessary or normal parts, components, or steps

Completion (n)            completely (adv)

Excite (v)                     to arouse an emotion

Excitement (n)             exciting (adj)

Flavor (n)                    a distinctive taste

Forget (v)                    to be unable to remember

Forgetful (adj)             forgettable (adj)

Ingredient (n)               an element in a mixture

Judge (v)                     to form an opinion

Mix-up (n)                   a confusion;

             (v)                   to confuse

Patron (n)                    a customer, especially a regular customer

Predict (v)                    to state, tell about, or make known in advance

Prediction (n)               predictable (adv)

Random (adj)              having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective

Remind (v)                  to cause to remember

  33. Ordering Lunch

Burdensome (adj)        of or like a burden; onerous

Common (adj)             widespread, frequent, usual

In common (n)             commonly

Delivery (n)                 the act of conveying or delivering

Elegant (adj)                exhibiting refined, tasteful beauty

Elegance (n)                elegantly (adv)

Fall to (v)                     to become one’s responsibility

Impress (v)                  to affect strongly, often favorably

Impression (n)             impressionable (adj)

Individual (adj)            by or for one person; special; particular

Individualize (v)          individually (adv)

List (n)                         a series of names, words, or other items;

       (v)                         to make a list

Multiple (adj)              having, relating to , or consisting of more than one part

Narrow (v)                  to limit or restrict;

            (adj)                 limited

Pick up (v)                   to take on passengers or freight

Settle (v)                      to make compensation for, to pay; to choose

 34. Cooking as a career

Accustom to (v)           to become familiar with, to become used to

Apprentice (n)             a student worker in a chosen field   

Apprenticeship (n)

Culinary (adj)              relating to the kitchen or cooking

Demanding (adj)         requiring much effort or attention

Draw (v)                      to cause to come by attracting

Incorporate (v) to unite one thing with something else already in existence

Incorporation (n)         incorporating (gerund)

Influx (n)                     a flowing in

Method (n)                  a procedure

Methodology (n)         methodical (adj)

Outlet (n)                     a means of release or gratification, as for energies, drives, or desires

Profession (n)              an occupation requiring considerable training and specialized study

Professional (adj)        professionally (adv)

Relinquish (v)              to let go; to surrender

Theme (n)                   an implicit or recurrent idea; a motif

  35. Events

Assist (v)                     to give help or support to

Assistance (n)              assistant (n)

Coordinate (v)             to adjust or arrange parts to work together

Dimension (n)             a measure of width, height, or length

Exact (adj)                   characterized by accurate measurements or inferences

General (adj)               involving only the main feature rather than precise details

Generalize (v)              generally (adv),

Ideal (adj)                    imaginary; existing as a perfect model

Idealize (v)                  ideally ad(v)

Lead time  (n)              the time between the initial stage of a project and the appearance of results

Plan (n)                        a scheme for making something happen;

        (v)                        to formulate a scheme

Proximity (n)               the state, quality, sense, or fact of being near or next to; closeness

Regulation (n)             rules, laws, or controls;

Regulate (v)                 to control

Regulatory (adj)

Site (n)                         a place or setting

Stage (v)                      to exhibit or present 

  36. General Travel

Agency (n)                  an establishment engaged in doing business

Announcement (n)      a public notification

Announce (v)              announcer (n)

Beverage (n)                a drink other than plain water

Blanket (n)                  a covering for keeping warm, especially during sleep; any full coverage;

  (v)                  to cover uniformly

Board (v)                     to enter a boat, plane, or train; to furnish to see the roads  

Onboard (adj)

Claim (v)                     to take as rightful; to retrieve

Delay (v)                     to postpone until a later time;

           (n)                     the period of time during which one is delayed   

Embark (v)                  to go onboard a flight or ship; to begin

Itinerary (n)                 a proposed rout for a journey, showing dates and means of travel

Prohibit (v)                  to forbid by authority or to prevent

Valid (adj)                   having legal efficacy or correctness

Validate (v)                 validation (n)

  37. Airlines

Deal with (v)               phrase, to attend to; mange; to see to

Destination (n) the place to which one is going or directed

Distinguish (v) to make noticeable or different

Distinguishable (adj)   distinguishably (adv)

Economical (adj)         intended to save money, time, or effort

Economy (n)               economize (v)

Equivalent (adj)           equal

Excursion (n)               a pleasure trip; a trip at a reduced fare

Expensive (adj)           marked by high prices

Expense (n)                 expensively (adv)

Extend (v)                   to make longer; to offer

Prospective (adj)         likely to become or be

Situation (n)                 the combination of circumstances at a given moment

Substantial (adj)          considerable in importance, value degree amount, or extent

Substance (n)               substantially (adv)

System (n)                   a functionally related group of elements

  38. Trains

Comprehensive (adj)               covering broadly; inclusive

Comprehensiveness (n)           comprehensively (adv)

Deluxe (adj)                 noticeably luxurious

Directory (n)                a book or collection of information or directions

Duration (n)                 the time during which something lasts

Entitle  (v)                    to allow or qualify

Fare (n)                        the money paid for transportation

Offset  (v)                    to counterbalance

Operate (v)                  to perform a function

Operation (n)               operational (adj)

Punctual (adj)              prompt

Punctuality (n)             punctually (adv)

Relatively (adv)           somewhat

Remainder (n)             the remaining part

Remote (adj)               far removed

Remoteness (n)            remotely (adv)

  39. Hotels

Advance (n)                a move forward

Chain (n)                     a group of enterprises under a single control

Check in (v)                to register at a hotel; to report one’s presence

Confirm (v)                 to validate

Confirmation (n)          confirmed (adj)

Expect (v)                    to consider probable or reasonable

Expectation (n)            expectant (adj)

Housekeeper (n)          someone employed to do domestic work

Notify (v)                    to report

Preclude (v)                 to make impossible; to rule out

Quote (v)                     to give exact information on;

           (n)                     a quotation

Quotation (n)               quotable (adj)

Rate (n)                       the payment or price according to a standard

Reserve (v)                  to set aside

Reservation (n)            in reserve (n)

Service (n)                   useful functions

  40. Car Rentals

Busy (adj)                   engaged in activity

Coincide (v)                to happen at the same time

Coincidence (n)           coincidentally (adv)

Confusion (n)              a lack of clarity, order, or understanding

Contact (v)                  to get in touch with

Disappoint (v)             to fail to satisfy the hope, desire, or expectation of

Intend (v)                     to have in mind

Intention (n)                 intent (adj)

License (n)                   the legal permission to do or own a specified thing

Nervous (adj)              easily agitated or distressed; uneasy or apprehensive

Nervousness (n)          nervously (adv)

Optional (adj)              not compulsory or automatic

Tempt (v)                    to be inviting or attractive to

Temptation (n)             tempting (adj)

Thrill (n)                      the source or cause of excitement or emotion

Tier (n)                        a rank or class             

  41. Movies

Attain (v)                     to achieve

Attainment (n)             attainable (adj)

Combine (v)                to come together

Continue (v)                to maintain without interruption

Continuation (n)          continual (adj)

Description (n)            a representation in words or pictures

Describe (v)                 descriptive (adj)

Disperse (v)                 to spread widely, to scatter

Entertainment  (n)        a diverting performance or activity

Entertain (v)                entertaining (adj)

Influence (v)                to alter or affect

Range (n)                    the scope

Release (v)                  to make available to the pubic; to give permission for performance

Represent (v)               to typify

Separate (adj)              detached; kept apart

Successive (adj)          following in order

   42. Theater

Acting (n)                    the series of events that form the plot of a story or play

Approach (v)               to go near; to come close to in appearance or quality;

                 (n)               a way or means of reaching something

Approachable (adj)                

Audience (n)               the spectators at a performance

Create (v)                    to produce through artistic or imaginative effort

Creation (n)                 creative (adj)

Dialogue (n)                a conversation between two or more persons

Element (n)                  fundamental or essential constituent

Experience (n,v)          an event or a series of events participated in or lived through  

Experienced (adj)

Occur (v)                     to take place; to come about

Perform (v)                  to act before an audience, to give a public presentation of

Performance (n)           performer (n)

Rehearse (v)                to practice in preparation for a public performance; to direct in rehearsal

Review (n)                  a critical estimate of a work or performance;

             (v)                   writing a criticism of a performance

Sold out (adj)              having all tickets or accommodations completely sold, especially ahead of time;

                (v)                to sell all the tickets

  43. Music

Available (adj)            ready for use; willing to serve

Broad (adj)                  covering a wide scope

Category (n)                a division in a system of classification; a general class of ideas

Categorize (v)              categorical (adj)

Disparate (adj)             fundamentally distinct or different

Divide (v)                    to separate into parts

Favorite (adj)               preferred

Favorable (adj)            favorably (adv)

Instinct (n)                   an inborn pattern that is a powerful motivation

Preference (n)              someone or something liked over another or others

Prefer (v)                     preferential (adj)

Reason (n)                   the basis or motive for a action; an underlying fact or cause

Relaxation (n)              the act of reacting or the state of being relaxed; refreshment of body or mind

Relax (v)                     relaxed (adj)

Taste (n)                      the ability to discern what is excellent or appropriate

Urge (v)                       to advocate earnestly;

         (adj)                    a natural desire

  44. Museums

Acquire (v)                  to gain possession of; to get by one’s own efforts

Admire (v)                   to regard with pleasure; to have esteem or respect for

Collection (n)              a group of objects or works to be seen, studied, or kept together

Collect (v)                   collector (n)

Criticism (n)                an evaluation, especially of literary or other artistic works

Criticize (v)                 critic (n)

Express (v)                  to give an opinion or depict emotion

Fashion (n)                  the prevailing style or custom

Leisure (n)                   freedom from time-consuming duties; free time

Respond (v)                 to make a reply; to react

Response (n)               responsive (adj)

Schedule (n)                a list of times of events;

                (v)                to enter on a schedule

Significant (adj)           meaningful; having a major effect; important

Specialize (v)               to concentrate on a particular activity

Specialist (n)                specialized (adj)

Spectrum (n)                a range of related qualities, ideas, or activities

   45. Media

Assignment (n, v)        something, such as a task, that is assigned

Choose (v)                   to select one thing over another

Choice (n)                   choosy (adj)

Constant (n)                 something that is unchanging or invariable

Constitute (n)               to be the elements or parts of

Decisive (adj)              characterized by decision and firmness

Disseminate (v)           to scatter widely; to distribute

Impact (n)                    a strong, immediate impression

In depth (adj)               in complete detail; thorough

Investigative (adj)        specializing in uncovering and reporting hidden information

Investigation (n)          investigate (v)

Link (n)                       an association; a relationship

Subscribe (v)               to receive a periodical regularly on order

Subscription (n)           subscribers (n)

Thorough (adj)            exhaustively complete

Thoroughness (n)        thoroughly (adv)

  46. Doctor’s Office

Annual (adj)                yearly

Appointment (n)          arrangements for a meeting; a position in a profession

Assess (v)                    to determine the value or rate of something

Assessment (n)            assessable (adj)

Diagnose (v)                to recognize a disease; to analyze the nature of something

Diagnosis (n)               diagnostic (adj)

Effective (adj)             producing the desired effect; being in effect

Instrument (n)              a tool for precise work; the means whereby something is achieved

Manage (v)                  to handle; to deal with; to guide

Prevent (v)                   to keep from happening; to hinder

Prevention (n)              preventive

Recommend (v)           to present as worthy; to endorse

Recommendation (n)   recommendable (adj)

Record (v)                   to set down in writing;

             (n)                   a official copy of documents

Refer (v)                      to direct for treatment or information; to mention

Serious (adj)                weighty

   47. Dentist’s office

Aware (adj)                 having knowledge

Catch up (v)                to bring up to date

Distraction (n)             the act of being turned away from the focus

Distract (v)                  distracted (adj)

Encouragement (n)      inspiration or support

Evident (adj)               easily seen or understood; obvious

Evidence (n)                evidently (adv)

Habit (n)                      a customary manner or practice

Habitual (adj)              habitually (adv)

Illuminate (v)               to provide or brighten with light

Irritate (v)                    to chafe or inflame, to bother

Irritation (n)                 irritable (adj)

Overview (n)               a summary; a survey; a quick look

Position (n)                  the right or appropriate place

Regularly (adv)           occurring at fixed intervals

Restore (v)                   to bring back to an original condition

  48. Health Insurance

Allow (v)                     to let do or happen; to permit

Allowance (n)                         allowable (adj)

Alternative (n)             the choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities

Alternate (v)                alternatively (adv)

Aspect (n)                    a feature element; an appearance

Concern (v)                 to be of interest or importance to

Emphasize (v)             to stress

Emphasis (n)               emphatic (adj)

Incur (v)                      to acquire or come into

Personnel (n)               a group of employees or workers

Policy (n)                     a set of rules and regulations

Portion (n)                   a section or quantity within a larger thing; a part of a whole

Regardless (adv)          in spite of

Salary (n)                     a fixed compensation paid regularly for work done; one’s pay

Suitable (adj)               appropriate to a purpose or an occasion

Suit (v)                        suitably (adv)

  49. Hospitals

Admit (v)                     to permit to enter

Admittance (n)            admission (n)

Authorization (n)         the act of sanctioning

Designate (v)               to indicate or specify

Designation (n)            designator (n)

Escort (n)                     a person accompanying another to guide or protect

Identify (v)                  to ascertain the name or belongings of

Identifiable (adj)          identification (n)

Missing (n)                  an inner calling to pursue an activity or perform a service

Permit (v)                    to allow

Permissible (adj)          permission (n)

Pertinent (adj)              having relevance to the matter at hand

Procedure (n)               a series of steps taken to accomplish an end

Result (n)                     an outcome

Statement (n)               an accounting showing an amount due; a bill

Usual (adj)                  ordinary, expected

 50. Pharmacy

Consult (v)                  to seek advice or information of

Consultation (n)           consultative (adj)

Control (v)                   to exercise authoritative or dominating influence

Convenient (adj)         suited or favorable to one’s purpose; easy to reach

Convenience (n)          conveniently (adv)

Detect (v)                    to discover or ascertain

Detection (n)               detectable (adj)

Factor (n)                     a contribution to an accomplishment, a result, or a process

Interaction (n)              an influence; a mutual activity

Limit (n)                      the point beyond which something cannot proceed

Monitor (v)                  to keep track of

Potential (adj)              capable of being but not ye in existence; possible

Sample (n)                   a portion, piece, or segment that is representative of a whole

Sense (n)                     a judgment; an intellectual interpretation

Volunteer (n)               one who performs a service without pay;

         (v)           to perform as a volunteer

Volunteerism (n)         voluntary (adj)